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Meet the YBH-ers  

In 1996, during a vacation to the isle of Kauai, Hawaii, Christy Wolf and her father, Mike, discovered a novel item: Red Dirt Shirts dyed with the volcanic soil of the island. This spawned an idea to create an equally memorable and wearable

product that celebrates life in the Bay Area.

They founded Permanent Stains, a company that designed Golden Gate Bridge Paint Gear. Dyed the color of the Golden Gate Bridge by using the same exact paint that is used to paint the Bridge, Paint Gear T-shirts are still sold at the Golden Gate Bridge Gift Center today.

With the success of Permanent Stains — and the innovative spirit of Paint Gear — Christy decided to expand her business and create original products for corporations.

The philosophy of the company, now called [your brand here]®, has always been that branded promotions and apparel, rather than being mere “giveaways”, should illuminate a brand in the most radiant light.

That’s why YBH doesn’t just take orders from a catalog. Instead, they learn about your target audience and project objective, and then recommend items that reflect the quality of your brand. You can expect fresh ideas, the highest-quality merchandise, all delivered on-time with friendly and professional service.